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We offer a Variety of Techniques ranging from Visual Therapy for Vision Related Reading and Learning Problems, to Diagnosing, Managing, and Treating many common Eye Diseases and typical Visual and Optical conditions.

LASIK, contact lenses, eyeglasses eye examinations

We use Diagnostic and Therapeutic Management Guidelines and Standards of Care established by The American Optometric Association, The Colorado Optometric Association and The College of Optometrists in Vision Development.

And we Acquire and Deliver Modern Prescription Solutions by Special Design in order to Dispense Precision Eyewear and Optical Aids, using Modern state-of-the-art Digital and computer assisted Fabrication Techniques.


TEL: (719) 598-6000  FAX: (719) 785-5751

Our Doctors and Staff are committed to promoting the Visual, Optical, and Eye Health Care of Colorado Springs, & the Front Range community with the most Advanced and Comprehensive Eye Health and Vision Care possible.


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